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  1. Anthony

    Information Our Voting Pages

    click on the above^^ Topg TopMinecraftServers
  2. Anthony

    Information Events

    This will be a section of the forums which will be ran by Staff Members. Helper+. The Server staff team can run events on the Events World such as hide and seek tag red light green light etc etc. If you have a suggestion you can suggest it in the suggestion section.
  3. Anthony

    Information Report A Player

    If you have seen a player breaking rules below here is the place to report it. Make a thread below reporting the player with proof of what they have done. Use this format Your Username: Player Reporting Username: Reason: Screenshot: Then a staff member will mark it as solved once the...
  4. Anthony

    Information Bug Reports

    Have you noticed a bug report in game that needs to be fixed? Well report in a thread below to receive $100 in game! Username: Bug/Glitch: Picture (If taken): Additional Information
  5. Anthony

    Information How to Contact Us

    How to Contact Us? You can contact mail@minesurvival.net You can click the Contact Us below this post You can contact us on Discord by clicking here Or DMing a staff member on the forums. (PLEASE DO NOT DM @MineSurvival ) It is a holder account which is used for staff purposes.
  6. Anthony

    Information The Beginning Of MineSurvival

    Ah Yes... A new Minecraft server. MineSurvival. Minecraft's newest survival server. Owner: xAntho_ny Administrator: Vacant Moderator: Vacant Helper: Vacant Apply to become a staff member by clicking here Join Us today at play.minesurvival.net